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Quality is the cornerstone of any well ranking website, in terms of performance, configuration, content and value.  It has become apparent that working closely with Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines and implementing the best interpreted changes, places the website in a great position to rank well and outsmart competitors. Exponentially reducing the risk of being penalised.

A full quality audit is far more than titles, keywords and meta.  This thorough audit will look at absolutely every aspect of the website from server to platform and from website to content.  From technical configuration of the platform to the quality of content throughout the site.  This is not a standard SEO report, by any stretch of the imagination. The aim is to provide a tailor made holistic quality blueprint to work towards.  With all elements of the audit identified and implemented, the site will then be in a great position to compete and outrank competitors.  An intrinsic element of the report and for long term success of the site are strong expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness signals. The variety of signals Google is looking for to favour in rankings, will be firmly in place.

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    Included in the reports:

100% In-depth Full Site Audit

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Why Garner SEO?

Most SEO work comes from referrals, which is testament to the high quality and commitment Garner SEO has shown to each and every client.  The attitude that underpins the consultancy is striving for overall success of the website and business organically.  All projects are approached holistically, working hand-in-hand with the client to continually improve. 

The consultancy has built up many years’ experience, reputation and success in understanding how to interpret Googles ‘rules’ and apply them to any given website.

The in-depth Site Quality Audit is for those business owners who want a centralised main document that will clearly define a roadmap for what is needed to go from A to B.


The full Website Quality Audit looks at every aspect of a website manually & thoroughly, reporting on any issues that may not be in line with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and Quality Raters’ Guidelines.  The audit also looks at page speed, technical issues and competitors.

A variety of tools are used to crawl a website and extract data that will be helpful for the audit.  The actual work and reporting is carried out manually.  It is important to interpret Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and Quality Raters’ Guidelines with the individual website and all its nuances. There are hundreds of configurations and signals that must be individually evaluated in context with the given website.  This is impossible to automate. 

The consultancy typically works with small to medium sized e-commerce stores and more complex websites offering services.  The consultancy tends to not work with free/cheap hosted website building platforms, or very small brochure websites.

A full Website Quality Audit usually takes around four weeks to complete.  It depends on the complexity of the site.

If the business is genuine, the website is genuine and has real value, there is every reason to believe & guarantee that the performance of the website will improve.

There are caveats though.  If the website has been severely abused in order to artificially gain rankings, if there is toxicity in the link profile, or the client doesn’t fully implement required changes, then no guarantee can be made.  What is guaranteed is that if all aspects of the audit report are implemented the website will be in a very strong and robust position.

Of course.  Once the report is delivered you will have plenty of time to ask questions regarding it. It may be that you don’t understand a certain point or recommendation.

A typical website would be a an established e-commerce store with the potential for high traffic and transaction counts.

But we can help any site with substance and potential.

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