Manual/Algorithmic Penalty Recovery

Manual/Algorithmic Penalty Recovery

Whether a manual or algorithmic penalty the results can be catastrophic for a site, potentially killing off the flow of organic traffic in a single swipe or a slow strangle.  Either a dreaded message appears in Search Console, or for some unknown reason organic traffic suddenly drops off.  Any sudden or long term loss in organic traffic needs to be addressed. 

Manual penalties are easier to understand.  For whatever reason the site has been flagged to the Search Quality team at Google and they have decided the site has violated its guidelines.  A penalty is applied and a message is placed in Search Console detailing the penalty.  It has to be fixed and lessons learned.

Sometimes Google releases a new update to it’s algorithm and visitor tracking shows a sharp decline in organic traffic.  This indicates that there are elements of the site that Google is definitely not favouring.  There could also be subtle long term issues with the site, where there is a long term gradual decline.  Or a mixture of both. This has to be analysed and all problems fixed, for the site to recover and compete.   

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Recover From a Penalty - Algorithmic or Manual.

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Why Garner SEO?

Most SEO work comes from referrals, which is testament to the high quality and commitment Garner SEO has shown to each and every client.  The attitude that underpins the consultancy is striving for overall success of the website and business organically.  All projects are approached holistically, working hand-in-hand with the client to continually improve. 

The consultancy has built up many years’ experience, reputation and success in understanding how to interpret Googles ‘rules’ and apply them to any given website.

The Manual/Algorithmic Penalty Recovery service is a specialist service offered.  Garner SEO has helped many sites identify significant issues and recover organic traffic. 


This is reported in Google Search Console under Security & Manual Actions.  The message will be placed there by one of the Search Quality team after the website has been manually reviewed and it breaks Google Webmaster Guidelines.

An algorithmic penalty is not a manual penalty, and a website could have both.  An algorithmic penalty is where there is an aspect of the site that triggers Google’s algorithms to demote it, or part of it. Symptoms may include any of the following:

  • Organic traffic has suddenly dropped for no apparent reason
  • Organic traffic is in a long gradual decline
  • Keywords seem to be stuck at position 20+
  • Main ‘money keywords’ are nowhere to be seen after ranking

There are typical symptoms that may be one or more of the following:

  • Sudden drop in traffic
  • Sudden loss of rankings
  • Steady decline in rankings
  • Main keywords stuck or moved to lower rankings
  • Website superior to competitors but just won’t rank
  • General decline in traffic and conversions but no handle on reason why.

There can be multiple reasons for the stated issues and there can be a mix of issues.  


If your site has a manual link based penalty, then yes a removal of that penalty is guaranteed.  Once you have implemented the required changes a reconsideration request is submitted with Google.

If the website appears to be suffering with an algorithmic penalty, then all aspects of sound SEO and quality must be addressed for recovery to take place.

It really depends on the type of penalty in place, as well as the size and complexity of the website.  Once the work is completed a reconsideration  request is submitted to Google for consideration.  The website will then be manually reviewed.  The review may take a few days to a few weeks for Google to complete.

The simple and straight  answer is no.  It is important to understand exactly what is going on and fully address the situation.  If it is a manual penalty, then that is clear and must be dealt with appropriately. 

If it’s another type of penalty then it’s no good trying to ignore, assuming more good stuff done to the site will just outweigh the bad. Every issue has to be dealt with.

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