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Here at Garner SEO consultancy we offer full search engine optimisation services (SEO) for clients within varying sectors.  Ongoing SEO services are put in place to consistently increase visibility of organic (free) traffic to the website – traffic that is high quality and targeted. While at the same time ensuring all activities are following steps that will be looked upon positively by Google, long term.

A continually healthy and competing website is built on good configurations, speed, high quality authoritative content, trustworthiness and high quality external links coming back in to the website.  There are literally hundreds of ranking signals that need to be interpreted and consistently applied.

Garner SEO is not like a typical SEO agency.  There is no tie-in contract and relentless churned out automated reports.  The consultancy works with the client on a month by month basis, working closely and actively as part of the team. 

Why Garner SEO?

Most SEO work comes from referrals, which is testament to the high quality and commitment Garner SEO has shown to each and every client.  The attitude that underpins the consultancy is striving for overall success of the website and business organically.  All projects are approached holistically, working hand-in-hand with the client to continually improve. 

The consultancy has built up many years’ experience, reputation and success in understanding how to interpret Googles ‘rules’ and apply them to any given website.

The SEO consultancy service is an ongoing service where Garner SEO slots in with the business, working hand-in-hand to consistently build the authority and ranking of the website, holistically and in a way Google will reward.


SEO is Search Engine Optimisation.  The largest search engine by a country mile is Google, that uses hundreds of ranking signals in order to rank each webpage on a website, in its search results for any given search query.  Google continually strives through its algorithms to return the very best authoritative, high quality and meaningful pages for any given search query.  These algorithms are continually changing and being added to, in order to improve results and fight against spam that is relentlessly trying to outsmart Google.

If you have a website offering services or products then Garner SEO is here to help.  It doesn’t matter if the website is built with WordPress, Magento, Shopify or any of the other platforms.  The key is working together and getting implemented the required actions. Every single website is different, so an assessment needs to be carried out on a case by case basis.

The consultancy typically works with small to medium sized e-commerce stores and more complex websites offering services.  The consultancy tends to not work with free/cheap hosted website building platforms, or very small brochure websites.

If we all work together by applying best practice and continually improving the website, then improvements to rankings and targeted organic traffic is guaranteed.  But note that SEO is not a short term fix.  Typically it is reasonable to wait for 2-3 months for improvements to start to be tangible.

Buy into the concepts of ethical SEO and work alongside Garner SEO to fulfil the steps required.  It’s as simple as that.

Typically many agencies tie-in clients to 6 month contracts.  Garner SEO approaches SEO differently and one of the main drivers is figuring if everyone can work as a team and to assume a role as an integral part of that business.  If that relationship is working there is no need to tie the client in to a lengthy contract.

Google is consistently releasing major and minor algorithmic updates throughout the year.  Competitors are evolving and improving. Search intent changes. Platforms change, apps change, websites are updated. Essentially SEO is never static and always needs to be worked on.

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