Garner SEO Consultancy

Garner SEO has  four main SEO services at its core.

Specialising in Site Quality Audits, SEO Services, Local SEO as well as Manual/Algorithm Penalty Audits and SEO Consulting For Agencies.

All services are key elements in Google rewarding sustainable organic rankings & growth.


Core SEO Services

SEO Services

Full ongoing technical SEO services, totally integrated in to the business, on a month-by-month rolling basis.
No tie-in contract.
Garner SEO slots in with the team and helps drive the website forward, helping to consistently growing relevant and targeted organic traffic.

SEO Consulting For Agencies

Garner SEO specializes in comprehensive SEO services, enhancing agencies' digital presence through holistic strategies, semantic SEO, and AI integration. Offering fresh insights, advanced training, custom strategy development, performance analysis, and risk mitigation. Focus is on improving website authority and ranking in line with search engine guidelines, ensuring sustainable success and client satisfaction.

Manual/Algorithm Penalty Audit

An imposed manual penalty must be resolved if there is any hope of regaining organic rankings and traffic.
For sites without manual action, that have been hit by sudden and dramatic drops in traffic, long steady decline, or inability to increase main keyword ranking - there may be one or more algorithmic penalties that need resolving.

Site Quality Audit

An extensive and in-depth audit and analysis of every single aspect of a website. From technical configuration and troubleshooting, to overall user experience and trust.
Identifying and documenting what Google is expecting in order to favour the site and rank consistently well for the long term.
Follow the blueprint for sustainable organic growth.

Garner SEO helps e-commerce and service websites achieve their potential organically.  Lost traffic means lost sales.  Identifying and implementing through best practice, the best solutions, to address the hundreds of ranking signals Google is looking for to reward a website.

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"We used 2 agencies in the past and got nowhere. Mick was like a dog with a bone and wouldn't give up. After a lot of work and frustration our traffic shot up by over 400% with 10x transactions we did a year ago. Very happy!!"
Mark B.
UK e-commerce store

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