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Ensure a completely cleansed and valid link profile, with an extensive link audit, to ensure all links coming in to the site are of quality. Paid for link building services and many quick wins are notorious for causing significant problems to the link profile of a site.  These range from penalties to casting shadows over other ranking signals.

Backlinks (links) coming in to a website from external sources can be brilliant in helping that website rank well in Google, if those links are genuine and offer value.  However, not all links are good! Any link that is manipulated, spammy, considered paid for, or on a dubious domain, brings a risk of passing on an algorithmic or manual penalty. 

The link audit service meticulously and manually analyses and checks every inbound link to the site.  All links that are found to be potentially damaging to the ranking and authority of the site will logged in a spreadsheet, along with reasoning.  These links and domains will be ready to disavow with Google, which will be completed when requested.


Why Garner SEO?

Most SEO work comes from referrals, which is testament to the high quality and commitment Garner SEO has shown to each and every client.  The attitude that underpins the consultancy is striving for overall success of the website and business organically.  All projects are approached holistically, working hand-in-hand with the client to continually improve. 

The consultancy has built up many years’ experience, reputation and success in understanding how to interpret Googles ‘rules’ and apply them to any given website.

The Link Profile Audit service is an integral part of Garner SEO services.  One good link is worth a million bad links.  Years of experience and hands on analysis and identification have helped Garner SEO become true experts in link and domain quality.


Tools are used to identify links and anchor text coming back in to the website.  But the work auditing the links is 100% manual.  There are no tools that are effective at accurately understanding the true value of links within a link profile.

The final report will detail all the domains and subsequent links, along with a file that can be used to disavow.  The created disavow file will be submitted to Google at your request.

A disavow file is a text file that contains URLs and domains that are of sufficient poor quality, impacting the overall quality of the link profile.  The disavow file is submitted to Google to request those URLs and domains are ignored.  If good quality links are accidentally included in the disavow file, rankings may be negatively affected.

If your site has a manual link based penalty, then yes a removal of that penalty is guaranteed.  Once the link profile has been cleaned up a reconsideration request is submitted with Google.

If the website appears to be suffering with an algorithmic penalty, then all aspects of sound SEO and quality must be addressed for recovery to take place.  A sound and clean link profile is one vital element.

Theoretically, of course.  However, there are multiple reasons why a link may be considered harmful, as well as beneficial.  It takes a long time and experience to fully understand what is appropriate to disavow and which links are actually helpful.  In some cases it is easy to remove links that are truly good for the website, accidentally weakening its authority.  Unless you fully know what you are doing, it’s very easy to miss bad links and/or remove good ones.

On average the process takes 5-15 days to complete, depending on the size of the link profile.

Yes of course.  The prices detailed are a guide.  For any link profile issues please use the contact form and you will get a prompt response.

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